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"Crack the Matrix"

Paul Morris Segal

Released: August 9, 2012

©2012 Paul Morris Segal



"Crack the Matrix" is the first musical composition using the voice of renowned spiritual leader Uri Geller. It also features rap by Paul Morris Segal, piano by Phillip Gelbach, and vocals by Atlanta Coogan and Elena Polevaya.

The message of this dark yet hopeful track is universal love and understanding. The arrangement is reminiscient of "Massive Attack" and "Portishead", and is built around a slow hip-hop beat with strings, sultry soulful vocals of Atlanta Coogan and dramatic soprano of Elena Polevaya. This mix of soul, rap and classical music creates an intense and emotional soundscape.

Listen and find out if it is possible to "Crack the Matrix".

"All-Star Jazz Chillout"

P. Gelbach Trio

Released: May 4, 2006

©2006 Odessa Mama Records

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"All-Star Jazz Chillout" is a compilation of vintage recordings of Stan Getz, Chick Corea, Sarah Vaughan and others. It includes a song by Jerome Kern performed by Phillip Gelbach Trio featuring Nick Haywood (bass) and Scott Lambie (drums).

"Live in Melbourne"

Artist: P. Gelbach Ensemble

Released: January 10, 2011

©2008 Quantum Leap

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"In 2004 I was commissioned to write a set of arrangements of "Filter Kingz" Music for public performance in Melbourne, Australia. I collaborated with Silo String Quartet and our performance was recorded and issued on DVD. It contains most popular "Filter Kingz" melodies arranged for string quartet and trip-hop band." - PG


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Fugue for Flute and Cello