Melbourne-based composer and pianist Phillip Gelbach is a new name in the classical and jazz music scenes. A student of world-renowned pianist Vladimir Viardo and Ukranian composer Leonid Hrabovsky, he is becoming known for his chamber works and sensitive piano playing.

Phillip has been invited to perform at a wide variety of venues, ranging from the Dag Hammerskold Hall at the United Nations to the Birdland and Blue Note Jazz clubs.

At age 16, Phillip was the big band jazz pianist at the First Abkhazian Jazz Festival, then at 17 was a member of the "The Hilda Blues Band", who won the first prize at the National Blues Competition in Riga, Latvia.

Over the years Phillip accompanied Neil Sedaka, Grace Garland, Kate Sullivan, and Alexander Rozenbaum, and has played in jazz bands with Sol Yaged, John Goldsby, Peter Washington, Scott Lambie and Ray Jensen. He has also performed solo jazz piano at the Umbria International Jazz Festival, and has performed for Woody Allen, Peter Ustinov, Mikhail Barishnikov and many others.

His music has been performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Silo String Quartet, "The Filter Kingz" with James Avatar, Chronic Electronic Orchestra, the Ambient Waves Experience, Atlanta Coogan and Elena Polevaya, and has composed for Kristina Lukas' "Aria for Soprano", featured at the 2011 Cannes International Film Festival.

Current projects include recording his new aria for soprano and harpsichord, to be performed by Australian soprano Merlyn Quafe with Roger Heagney at the harpsichord.

From August 21 Phillip begins his 2012 US and European tour. He will perform a program of his own compositions and piano pieces by Bach, Schubert, Schumann and Franck, in Dallas, Austin, New York, and in Vilnius, Lithuania.